Plan your holiday

What you expect ...


... and what may happen.


You expect a romantic holiday...


...and may fear for your life while being robbed.


You expect carnival atmosphere...


...and may run into the middle of a street fight.


You expect sunbathing at the World's most exotic beach...


...but instead you may be abused in a public toilet.


You expect a great football match...


...and you may find police forces fighting hooligans.


You expect a cocktail at sunset...


...but you may be attacked and all belongings stolen.


  Criminal facts & news

Rio de Janeiro has been rated “Critical” for crime by the US State Department for the past 25 years. Crimes statistics reflect continued critically high and rising levels of crimes in the categories of robbery, rape, fraud, and residential thefts.


Tourist sexually assaulted in six-hour ordeal on Rio bus


According to most sources, Brazil possesses high rates of violent crimes, such as murders and robberies; depending on what source you believe (UNDP or World Health Organization) the homicide rate is 30-35 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.


Sexual violence against women is alarmingly under-reported and invisible in Brazil. In 2012, 6,029 rapes were committed in Rio de Janeiro state, and 4,993 of the victims were women.


Rio at the top of the list of the World's most dangerous cities. Check the Crime Index.


In November 2010 more than 21000 police men, Brazilian Army and Marine Corps soldiers enforced by helicopters and tanks were fighting against drug gangs to restore peace in Rio after violent acts (incinerating cars, armed conflicts, mass robberies, etc) by drug dealers.


The full story of Rio de Janeiro Security Crisis in November 2010


A wave of street crime has hit the city of Rio de Janeiro as Brazil prepares to host the World Cup and the Olympics


Brazil’s advice to tourists: ‘Don’t scream if robbed’. They know Rio de Janeiro state, which saw more than 4,000 murders in 2012, is pretty dangerous. And the 600,000 tourists who are expected to descend upon Rio should know it, too.


Brazilian man says he killed dozens of women in Rio de Janeiro region. "I started robbing purses and small things like that. And as I got older, I started having a different thoughts. My thoughts started changing. From stealing, I started thinking about killing."


Brutal killing of a samba ‘queen’ exposes dark world behind the glitter of carnival


The popular tourist hotspot of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, was in lockdown after shootings broke out in a pacified favela one block from the famous beach.


Residents of Rio de Janeiro caught in crossfire as criminals fight back against police


Mass robberies on Rio de Janeiro's beaches worry bathers


Two Olympic silver medallists were left fearing for their lives after being mugged at knifepoint in Rio de Janeiro


  Our story

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon.

In the morning my girlfriend and I took the narrow-gauge cog wheel train to reach the Christ statue atop Corcovado Mountain, but unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy the view due to fog on the peak.

A bit disappointed, we decided to spend our last few hours before taking our transfer to the airport in the downtown. I was hoping to ride Santa Teresa Tram, but didn’t know that the service was terminated, due to a fatal accident caused by poor condition of the car. Still we walked around Carioca Aqueduct - a nice place in the city centre. Tourists can feel safe, a lot of police officers are present, and there are some crowded roads around.
We were walking along a wide street to see the Cathedral, when we were suddenly surrounded by four men. They were waving 30 centimetre (12 inch) long knives, one of them pressed his machete to my face, so I haven't even considered to scream or fight. The other gang members cut off our rucksacks, and grabbed everything else they could take. Everything happened in a fraction of a second. No one even looked at what was going on. Police, within line of sight, didn't prevent the robbery.

Fearing for our lives and being mugged at knifepoint was (and still is!) a horrible experience. I don’t mind the valuables stolen, but it takes a long time to get over something like this. My girlfriend has nightmares, doesn’t feel safe even in our hometown, and declines all suggestions to travel to an exotic place.

With this website I just want to warn you, that in my opinion it's not worth risking your life to visit Rio de Janeiro. Don't let your dream holiday to turn into a nightmare. Stay safe, stay at home and watch the Football World Cup and the Olympics on TV. If you’d like to travel, there are millions of fantastic places around the World…